Our Mission

"To help you find and awaken your Higher Self so that you can live a more fulfilling, loving, and empowered life."


Happy New Year!

All we can say is WOW! The last 12 months have felt like a crazy roller-coaster ride in the middle of a storm. The good news? Every astrological chart indicates that 2019 will be better, a little more enlightening thanks to Jupiter, the planet of expansion and the perfect year to nurture our creativity. Whatever the new year brings, we would like to wish all of our friends and followers a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

We Want to Hear From You

With 2019 quickly approaching, we want to start off the new year right. We are constantly looking to offer seminars, events and services to help our customers nurture their spiritual growth and knowledge. We want to hear from all of you! Let us know what you would like to learn, what seminars would help you on spiritual path. We want to know what items you would like to see us carry and what kinds of readings you’d like to see us offer. Reach out to us, stop by the store or check us out on social media and send us your suggestions, comments, requests or just a simple blessing. We want to hear from you.    


Revamping Magic

We started this website right before the 5-planet retrograde that took place in August. A lot was going on and we realized that we needed to re-organize and re-assess, as Mercury's retrograde always suggests we do. We asked each of the girls at the store to pick their favorite thing about the site to share it with you. Take a look inside... 



Romy, our astrology angel, provides us with a monthly guide to get us through the month. Sign-up for our monthly newsletter and get the full monthly horoscope and more! If you're looking for a deeper understanding of your sign, check out our Readings page for rates. Romi can provide a full natal chart and a comprehensive explanation of what the planetary positions mean for you. To learn more about Romi, check her out here. 


Crystal for January

Fluorite is an excellent healing tool for its overall cleansing and purifying effects. It contains green, blue and purple hues, giving it an incredible harmonious energy that heals and rejuvenates the aura. The green in Fluorite cleanses and purifies the heart chakra by aligning the mind with the heart’s true desires. The perfect crystal to help rejuvenate the common case of exhaustion, the purple colors help you discover your divine purpose in life. It opens the third eye chakra and clears the way for spiritual growth.

The perfect crystal to keep the creative juices flowing, this crystal brings order to chaos. Call upon it's gentle healing abilities to help you coordinate your physical and mental capacities. When meditating with Fluorite, it provides quiet reminders to help you step away to help you see the big picture.