Antonela is a passionate crystal collector. She is a student at both the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and the Gemological Institute of America. She plans to combine her knowledge of crystals to her healing work in order to enhance the daily lives of others, sans of anything chemical or unnatural. 

Antonela has also been studying and expanding her knowledge about the Faerie Realm for over 5 years. With extensive understanding about the Fae (grouping of fairies), the Faerie Oracle cards were placed in her path and have been an excellent tool for herself, as well as those in need of guidance.

Faerie Oracle Card Reading:

Faerie Oracle cards differ from Tarot cards by offering less structure, giving more room for Divine Guidance and a deeper connection with spirit guides. Despite being fluent in many decks, Antonela has been aware of the accuracy and fluidity of the Faerie Oracle and works almost exclusively with these cards. Feel drawn? The Faeries might have something to share with you!

Faerie Oracle Sessions: 30 min - $45 | 60 min - $65 | 15 min (intro) - $20
Call 1-305-461-2341 or email us to schedule your session today!


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