Aura Cleansing

We offer a unique service that our In-House Reiki Master created. All of our Angels are able to clear out negative, and unwanted, everyday elements we encounter.

Your Aura is 4 inches outside the physical body. The Aura collects elemental energies, whether good or bad, as we go thru each day. Over time, we tend to get weighed down by this.

We use specific high vibrational crystals to eliminate the build-up of emotional clouds, stress, and heaviness from contact with other people. It works on the mental, physical and emotional planes.

This beautiful service is 11 minutes long, and all you have to do is just be in the moment…

… the Angels will do the rest!

Price: $20.00

Call 1-305-461-2341 or email us to schedule your session today!


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