Our mission is to help you find and awaken your Higher Self — so that you can live a more fulfilling, loving, and empowered life.

Celestial Angels

Our angels each offer a unique service to our customers, from tarot readings to astrology natal charts. Give us a call or stop by for a visit with one of our readers to help facilitate your spiritual journey.

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Alex, Celestial Treasures’ Assistant Manager oversees all of the magic that takes place at the store. You’ll find her there almost any day of the week, making sure that everyone is happy and well taken care of.

She is a Miami native and has known about her connection to the spiritual realm from the time she was a baby. Having been raised by her mom, who is also sensitive to spirituality, staying open to and nurturing her natural abilities have always come easy to Alex.

She is currently pursuing a degree in psychology where she plans to utilize her formal education and her connection to the spiritual real to provide Holistic Therapy to her clients. As a natural healer, she strives to help those that are struggling with a wide range of obstacles. By treating the body as a whole (mind, body and spirit) she aims to bring a level of healing to everyone she comes in contact with.

True to her Cancer sensitivities, Alex’s strengths lie in the arts and is a natural born leader. The water that rules her sun sign allows her the ability to be empathetic and understanding of all situations.

If you happen to stop by the store and find Alex there, you’ll immediately feel her warm yet free spirit. She is a Gypsy soul with a hippie spirit driven by a wild heart.



I’m Arden, i am 20 years old and I have been working at celestial treasures since November. I have had a love for astrology for the past 3 years and have been continuously learning it ever since. Since I started working at Celestial, I began to learn how to wrap crystals into pendants and now am the stores crystal wrapper. My favorite thing about working here, is how excited I am to incorporate this work into my future career and education. The metaphysical world has always peeked my curiosity and I can’t wait to continue to grow from all the experiences that I have in the workplace and in my everyday life!



I’m 24 years old and intensively studying the tarot. I really love working in alternative medicines such as herbs and oils. I keep myself open to be constantly learning and sharing the knowledge i acquire with those who’s paths i cross. I want to help you find the tools you need on your journey to the highest most vibrational version of yourself. I love to teach people how to work with pendulums to contact their guides. My goal is to help as many people as i can to find inner peace and to get them the resources they need to live their best life.



Maria arrived to Celestial Treasures immediately after a life changing 6 month journey working with sacred plant medicines in the Amazon Rainforest and mountains of Ecuador.

The profound knowledge and healing she gained with the help of plants such as Ayahuasca and San Pedro has left a mark on her soul, to spread healing, creativity, magic, love, simplicity, ecstasy, and authentic connection in all she does.

Maria is a very passionate soul, and loves to study shamanism, tantra and sacred union, the holy grail, psychoactive medicinal plants, shadow work, and the return of the divine feminine.

Maria is currently ecstatic to be hosting monthly goddess gatherings at Celestial Treasures. Supportive women's circles in a magical, ceremonial space brings healing to the whole world-- she is beyond honored to facilitate this and receive healing and awakening simply from being in the presence of other beautiful women getting vulnerable together!

Writing, drawing, and exploring her favorite spiritual topics is Maria's favorite thing to do in her spare time-- so, she is very happy to manage and create the Celestial Treasures newsletter!

Maria is also reiki certified and offers reiki sessions out of Celestial Treasures-- by appointment, or walk ins welcome.

During one beautiful plant medicine journey in Ecuador, Maria asked the medicine "what is the true meaning of life?"

The reply came suddenly...

"to love and be loved."

Maria knows her beautiful journey is to be continued.

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Romy is our Astrology angel whose specialty is to provide some insight into your life lessons through the placement of the planets during the time you were born. Through this insight, she is able to offer tips for personal growth and spiritual evolution. In her own words “The beauty of astrology is that it can help your soul evolve by giving insights of where you’ve been and guide you through life’s lessons and help you grow.” She also specializes in compatibility readings for all types of relationships. Romy holds a Bachelors degree in Metaphysics from the University of Sedona, and is a registered Minister with (IMM) International Metaphysical Ministry. Romy likes to incorporate Astrological oracle decks in her readings as well. In her free time, she enjoys reading, comedy, fitness and nutrition.