Our Mission

"To help you find and awaken your Higher Self so that you can live a more fulfilling, loving, and empowered life."


Celestial angels

Our angels each offer a unique service to our customers, from tarot readings to astrology natal charts. Give us a call or stop by for a visit with one of our readers to help facilitate your spiritual journey.



Dawn is a spiritual healer and an intuitive coach. She is able to channel the Divine during her readings, allowing the souls who are seeking guidance to receive optimum healing. Dawn utilizes tools such as Oracle cards, crystals and stones, and messages from her own spirit guides to interpret the messages that are meant to be delivered to her clients.

Dawn genuinely enjoys the process of sharing her light with the world and with her clients through her intuitive coaching, oracle readings, reiki healing, jewelry wrapping, crystal grids, guided meditations, and much more!



Romy is our Astrology angel whose specialty is to provide some insight into your life lessons through the placement of the planets during the time you were born. Through this insight, she is able to offer tips for personal growth and spiritual evolution. In her own words “The beauty of astrology is that it can help your soul evolve by giving insights of where you’ve been and guide you through life’s lessons and help you grow.”  She also specializes in compatibility readings for all types of relationships. Romy holds a Bachelors degree in Metaphysics from the University of Sedona, and is a registered Minister with (IMM) International Metaphysical Ministry. Romy likes to incorporate Astrological oracle decks in her readings as well. In her free time, she enjoys reading, comedy, fitness and nutrition. 



Espy is our aura cleanser extraordinaire. In her free time, she writes poetry and uses all of her spiritual abilities to connect with nature to influence her writing. Her experiences have all conspired and led her to the exact moment when she figured out that writing is the best way for her to release the emotions and thoughts that stir inside of her. She began writing after what seemed to be a silly heartbreak but it helped her take notice of one of her truest passions. Once again, life proves that everything happens for a reason...thankfully. Since then, she has taken her writing day by day. She recognizes that we are all ever evolving and learning as we go. It is through her ability to connect to the natural and emotional planes, that she's able to connect with your aura and determine what energy and emotion to tap into to make sure that your experience is a memorable one



Lucas is one of our newest members. He has been studying Reiki and is anxious to put it to good use.  In his own words: “I am very happy to be at your service at Celestial Treasures. I am fond of crystal cleansings and attunements to your crystals using Reiki and Tibetan bowls. I also enjoy providing aura cleansings using Pranich Healing techniques and enjoy channeling guided meditation. As a Virgo I am a grounded individual and am in contact with the earth. Hence sports and nature are very important to me and my development. Have your spirit grounded, follow your heart and the doors of the universe will unravel before your eyes.” 


Dee Ros.jpg


Dee can attune to helpers from beyond the veil in order to relay important information for you. Her mission is to guide you back to your true self through healing, connection and validation. As a Pisces Sun, Pisces Moon and Pisces Rising, she has been extremely sensitive to the spirit world since birth.

As a natural clairvoyant, she relays messages through images from your guides. As a medium, she acts as a link between the world of the living and the deceased. By connecting to a loved one in spirit, she allows you to understand that souls live forever. A reading with her consists of pure intuition that can reveal anything from your soul’s purpose to closure on unanswered questions. Like your unique soul print, Dee gives you a unique, specialized reading. 

Dee holds a History degree, which has offered her the opportunity to travel to parts of the world where she has been able to develop her skills and spiritual awareness. Her favorite destinations are Transylvania, Athens, Cairo and Thailand.