Please bring the following items!

  • Duration - approximately 2 hours
  • Please bring a yoga mat.
  • Optional items - light blanket, bolster, pillow.

Crystal Bowl Meditation…

Crystal singing bowl meditations realign the vibration of your chakras. Quartz crystal is especially healing and amplifying, and the clear, angelic notes that quartz crystal bowls emit while played draws you in to some of the deepest, healing brain wave states you can experience.

All healing begins at the vibrational level. All things and all beings vibrate. When we experience any kind of sickness, whether it is of the mind, the body, or the soul, it is because our auras are experiencing disruptions in our vibrations. Smoothing out your vibrational waves at all levels of your chakras balances all levels of your being.

Come experience quartz crystal singing bowls played by Red Cheetah Yoga owner and card reader for Celestial Treasures, Nikki McGowan. The meditation includes a discussion and lecture on goal setting, some astrology, and the properties of crystals and how they can positively affect your life.

Be prepared for miraculous healing, insights, and inspiration with this meditation.

Join us at Celestial Treasures

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Led by Nikki McGowan, Twitter: @redcheetahyoga


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