Our Mission

"To help you find and awaken your Higher Self so that you can live a more fulfilling, loving, and empowered life."


Jump Into Spring!

We love Spring! Can you tell? This is the time of year whe we begin to feel the warm breeze, the skies are a little more blue and it’s always a great time to start anew, whether it’s a new love, a new career or a new you. Get your Spring cleaning going and make room for all of the magic that’s coming your way! As the Winter chill begins to melt away, Spring 2019 is set to be one of the most rewarding and uplifting seasons this year so get out there and create a new you! Or, if you have doubts or are unclear about which direction you should be heading in, stop by the store and let one of our Angels help guide you. We promise you’ll thank us.

We Want to Hear From You

With 2019 quickly approaching, we want to start off the new year right. We are constantly looking to offer seminars, events and services to help our customers nurture their spiritual growth and knowledge. We want to hear from all of you! Let us know what you would like to learn, what seminars would help you on spiritual path. We want to know what items you would like to see us carry and what kinds of readings you’d like to see us offer. Reach out to us, stop by the store or check us out on social media and send us your suggestions, comments, requests or just a simple blessing. We want to hear from you.    


Revamping Magic

We started this website right before the 5-planet retrograde that took place in August. A lot was going on and we realized that we needed to re-organize and re-assess, as Mercury's retrograde always suggests we do. We asked each of the girls at the store to pick their favorite thing about the site to share it with you. Take a look inside... 



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Crystal for March

Since we’re entering into Spring in March, the season of new beginnings, we want to put out this fiery stone for everyone to consider. Red Jasper is one of our personal favorites for its capacity to provide physical strength and energy. Red Jasper stimulates gently so you won’t feel it all at once as it steadily enhances stamina and endurance, and increases the amount of chi, or life force, in one's aura. This beauty is a stone of health and passion, and brings the courage to face unpleasant tasks and to rectify unjust situations.

Stop by and ask one of our angels for where you can find your little piece of fire this month.