September Horoscopes by Romy


Hi Aries. Things will run more smoothly for you in the month of September; you are no longer feeling resistance and your fiery energy can push forward more easily than in the month of August. There’s a big focus on work and health this month. This is a good time to think about your workout routine and health regimes. What can you do to make your body healthy and more vital? September is a month where you will ooze sexual magnetism. Like honey to a bee, its all you baby! The sexy spotlight is on you so take advantage of this time if you are single. If you are in a relationship, you will find yourself becoming more intimate. Money may be easier to come by. This may be a good time to apply for a loan or find someone who can help you invest. Networking with different groups or friends will be favorable as you may be feeling more social than usual.


Hi Taurus. In the month of September things will be running more smoothly now that there is a lot less planetary resistance. New beginnings in the areas of romance, recreational fun and self confidence are coming forth. It’s a great time for harmonious relationships as the energy is flowing, and you will come across as more social and charming with a twist of intensity. Career and business ambition are at an all time high, as now you really feel the drive to push forward and succeed. Let’s talk money! Now’s a good time to start a new business venture or switch up your path. Taurus usually likes to be the boss, but keep that bullish temper in check because it can bring discord with people in the workplace.


Hi Gemini. The energy for September will definitely be moving much smoother. This month, there’s new focus on the home front and family matters. This is a good time to revamp your interior design, or start thinking about making changes like buying, selling etc. You may feel more intuitive and in touch with your feelings. Now is a good time to attend to family relationships and bonding. There’s harmonious energy in your work place and being clean and orderly is making you feel more pleasurable than usual. It’s also a good time to reorganize or restructure things at work that deal with efficiency and day to day tasks. Gemini may be feeling a bit more restless than usual, no worries! Do something spontaneous as the universe is giving you the green light to get out of a routine. Travel if you can, and get in touch with other cultures or learn something new.


Hi Cancer. The energetic resistance has now passed, and things will flow easier in the month of September. There’s new energy in increased communications for you, and it’s a good time to learn something new. Cancer loves family and this month is good to spend some quality time if you have any brothers or sisters. Also, if you’ve been wanting to explore a new part of town, now’s a good time to take off for a day and enjoy. The universe is bringing some light hearted energy this month. You might be attracting some new romantic interest even though you might come across as stoic at first, it will most likely feel pleasurable and intense at the same time.


Hi Leo. As the energetic resistance subsides, things will be flowing much smoother in the month of September. There’s new energy for your finances this month so go for it if you’ve been thinking about starting a new business or finding a new source of income. Just make sure you spend on the necessary, and avoid emotional purchases. It’s also a great time to work on your self-esteem so any self growth development classes or information will nourish your soul. There’s harmonious energy for your home as well. If you’ve been wanting to redecorate or do something creative, Venus is on your side. As far as relationships and partnerships go, be careful with conflict. Leo likes to be the leader but remember relationships are about cooperation and compromise.


Happy Birthday Virgo! As the planetary energies go direct this month, things will flow much easier now. The energies of the month are favorable for you to make some cosmetic or physical changes. If you’ve been wanting to feel more confident or less shy the universe is giving you the green light. It’s a good time to reinvent yourself, which for Virgo is easy since you can always see something to improve or bring closer to perfection. Virgo is a word-smith by nature, but this month is very favorable to make some extra money or get recognition with communications. You may even meet a potential love interest online, through your siblings or a short trip. Work may be busier than usual, be careful not to be overly critical with work matters or co-workers, as this may cause discord or arguments. If you are unsatisfied, now is a good time to look for new employment. Virgo energy is big on health, this month is also favorable to tackle any health issues you may be having and revamp your eating and exercise regime.


Hi Libra. There’s much less resistance this month and things are flowing! If you feel like you’ve been needing a break from your usual social self, now is a good time to recharge your batteries. After the first week of September, it’s a favorable time to get in touch with yourself and have some alone time. This might be hard for some Libras but it’s necessary for your soul. Starting to meditate, spirituality, or being of service somehow will be healing from the inside out. Venus is on your side this month as far as finances, the energy is favorable for the fruition of extra income if you’ve been working on that . If you are in a relationship, your significant other may spend more than usual on you especially on things you enjoy. It’s also a good month for romance and your desires for intimacy are higher than usual. If you are in a creative field, take advantage and shine.


Hi Scorpio. You will likely feel more in-flow and less resistance than most signs now. After the first week, the energy is favorable for networking, friends or getting involved in new groups that have a large impact. The energy of Venus is making you more attractive and charming to others. If you’ve been meaning to revamp your style, now is a good time as well. There will be more focus on family and home matters. Try not to argue for no reason if feeling frustrated, a good way to channel this would be to do some home projects. At the end of September, you may have a sudden realization regarding health or work. If it’s unfavorable, you may need to check your day to day habits and make some changes.


Hi Sagittarius. Energy is flowing much easier now and there is less energetic resistance. The universe is shining a light on your career this month. The energy is in your favor for positive things to manifest at work. You are in the spotlight and may be recognized if you’ve been putting in work. Now is also a good time to plan for long term goals or a change in your career path. It’s a good time for self-reflection, spirituality and soul nourishment. There will be a lot of energy in communications, you may feel as if you have to let things out maybe in an impulsive manner. You will find your mind is more active than usual so it’s a good time to put it to use. If you are in a relationship, you may want to understand your dynamics on a deeper level. If you are single be careful in being unrealistic in love or falling for someone who may be unavailable.


Hi Capricorn. The month of September will flow much easier for you. After the first week, you may feel more adventurous and you might find yourself wanting to expand your perspectives. It’s a good time to broaden your horizons by planning a trip, experience other cultures, or learn something spiritual. It’s also a favorable time to network with new groups or organizations as relations are harmonious and you are feeling social and charming. There’s more energy now in making money and feeling secure as far as finances and income. Watch out for impulse spending just to have possessions to make you feel worthy. This is a good time to reevaluate your values and keep in mind that others may have a different perspective on what is valuable to them.


Hi Aquarius. Things will be moving along more smoothly this month as there will be much less resistance. This month the energy is favorable for self-mastery. You may dive deeper psychologically and figure things out from a non-superficial level of understanding. This is also a good time to start budgeting or financial planning. Apply for a loan or take care of any outstanding debts. If you are in a creative field, now is a great time for your creativity to be noticed and you will be feeling more social and harmonious in public and in the workplace. It’s a good time for negotiations and socializing, as you will be well liked. These harmonious contacts can definitely be beneficial in your career. You will also feel more energetic and impulsive, just be cautious because there’s more of a chance to get hurt. Take advantage of this energy for exercise or sports.


Hi Pisces. There is much less resistance and things are flowing much easier for you this month. After the first week, the energy is favorable for new relationships and evaluating existing ones. Issues with relationship balance, sharing and companionship will come forth. If you are not getting what you feel is right in a relationship (could be business as well), this is a favorable time to do some self-reflection as we are all mirrors for each other. You may feel like traveling with a partner or meeting a love interest of a different culture or educational level. Exotic people, lands, and information tend to peak your interest more at this time. Your intuition and imagination are at an all-time high as well. You may need some alone time to recharge your energy, as a good portion of your energy may turn inward in an emotional and mental level. You can take this time to plan creative projects or any other projects you can put into fruition in the upcoming months. It’s all a matter of channeling your energy in a productive manner.

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