January Horoscopes by Romy


Hello Aries. Welcome to our January 2019 horoscope! Happy New Year! The good news about this month is that Mars, your ruler is going into your sign it will be in your sign the entire month so this is a great time to really get your energy going. Mars in Aries will have an impact on your personal processes, grounding, and matters of physiology and initiative that requires a lot of energy and strength. Your beliefs and emotional ties need to be pure in order to use the most this period has to offer, and you shouldn’t give up on your priorities no matter what happens along the way. The need to materialize your visions and bring them to life so you can enjoy them for real will be intense. However, you will be reminded that you must let go of the past to commit to future goals with your energy in place and your position secure.


Hello Taurus! Happy New Year! This is a perfect time for manifesting happiness in your life. You will get assistance and support from your relatives and friends. Your plans may start coming to fruition in a speedy manner this time of year. You will feel as if you’re going through a stage of asset purchasing of your desires. Your active participation in domestic activities would keep everybody attached to you. You will be the ruler in all happenings in your life this month. Expect to the results you seek in your work this month. Don’t be arrogant in simple matters as your productiveness in work may give you desired rank or status. A foreign trip is in the cards for you. You will be attracted to fashionable goods.


Hello Gemini! Happy New Year! You are entering into a fascinating month and year, Gemini. There have been a series of notable changes in the works for you over the past twelve months and although your life development over this time has been major, it is far from complete. You are quite focused now on relating to the outer world events and your personal interactions, and are finding an extraordinary level of transformation in all your dealings. As far as career choices, they are somewhat confused and idealized during this current December to January time frame, but the issues there become clearer as the current month continues to unfold. Partners continue to play a significant role, and only the “path with heart” will be truly attractive to you, especially in the long run. If this implies new ways of seeing the world, and of planning, then so be it. The time has come to articulate and to act upon your most sincere vision for yourself, no matter what.


Hi Cancer! Happy New Year! This is an amazing month for you, Cancer, with emphasis on issues of career/profession, home and family, and in the area of partnership. Naturally, these all reflect back on your own self-development, to name another important focus for this pivotal month and year. The very powerful New Moon eclipse of January 5th energizes all of the above in a big way, especially your public statement, and sets you up for continued massive transformation in all these areas, through enlightened vision and big picture alterations in your existing world view. If you can take full advantage now, you are called to idealistic service and to enhanced creative self-expression. A basic instability on the home front is also indicated, which could lead to further changes in the family front. Turning toward intimacy gets you far, also aligning with your most sincerely held values. It is time to act, and as you do, to come from strictly your own set of standards and beliefs to the exclusion of all else.


Hi Leo! Happy New Year! This is a pivotal month for you, Leo, as you make your transition from the transformational times of 2018 to those of 2019, which promise to be of an even greater caliber. As the Neptune emphasis continues, the effect is to create a gentle form of intimacy a necessary condition for you to move forward with your own evolutionary development. As well as with others, this includes intimacy with yourself at deeper levels. You are also feeling a call to service, and it includes a nurturing attitude toward partners. Your worldview is simultaneously opening up to novel realizations. A sense of natural law appearing to you in everyday life is part of this, including you in its cosmic interweaving. The Full Moon eclipse of January 20th is particularly poignant, bringing forward significant issues of self and other. This timing of the final weeks of January presages the recognition that while partners in your life are on their own, they are also a part of you.


Hi Virgo! Happy New year! You are entering into a time of consolidation, Virgo, along with newly minted twists and turns to contend with. Following the long retrograde of your ruler, Mercury, through your home and family sector, you have been coming to a more potent understanding of yourself at deeper levels. This month, new realizations concerning values and beliefs constitute a new jumping-off point for constructive action. Your self-expression is on the rise, and in major transformation, following up on changes from months back. Although you are somewhat conservative in your approach to your own creativity, you are at times wildly idealistic about it. Your worldview is jelling in some interesting directions, and you are more and more interested in acting upon these beliefs. In the last half of the month, onrushing insights reach a crescendo as you are called to service for others and to a fresh appreciation for your own depths. It is a paradoxical notion, but the way up and the way down are one and the same.


Hi Libra! Happy New Year! You are busting out with some new moves this month, Libra, although it will take some weeks to be able to see it. This is an intensely focused time for you, although with much of the developmental thrust taking place below the surface. At the powerful New Moon eclipse of January 5th, you are concerned with matters of home and family, and the psychological roots of your being. These also translate to unexpected developments on the partnership front, where much of your energy inevitably goes, although now quite thoroughly intensified. As the month unfolds, curiosity and learning become an increasing focus as well, which will take you further down your road of self-unfolding. All through the past month, and with increasing energy in this one, issues of service to the surrounding collective are paramount, and take on a spiritual sense of mission. While the world around you seems impossibly messed up in many ways, you may take heart in the fact that you are striving to make it right.


Hi Scorpio! Happy New Year! You are on the cusp of great change, Scorpio, and the only question that remains is: Are you ready? This coming year builds upon the massive changes of the previous one, with new peaks appearing to you the higher you climb. For this current month, communication and learning is one important key; by articulating your values and remaining curious regarding the new points of view that have been accumulating, you make them more real to yourself, and to others. You are thereby preparing to act on them, and this action becomes even more intensified after the powerful January 20th Full Moon eclipse, when an inner as well as an outer focus is indicated. You are feeling called to service of a most general kind. Perhaps you are realizing that to serve humanity is to simultaneously further more personal aims, which include your own evolutionary development. As Bob Dylan once reminded us, “everyone is either busy being born or busy dying.” It is an easy decision to choose the former.


Hi Sagittarius! Happy New Year! This month continues the transformational trends of the past few, and tees up new adventures in meaningful change. This could, at times, feel like tough sledding, so that you are encouraged to remember that surmounting a challenge builds character. Although being on the path to an entirely other landing place can be disorienting, it helps when you can make an active pronouncement that the universe is truly on your side, and that everything that happens to you is there for a reason. Your confusion at the core is necessary right now as you change worlds, and worldview. When doubts about this arise, the cheerful principle of “fake it till you make it” is your friend. Partners are also helpful in this regard. Your commitment there is likely to be serious and genuine, and returned. Although trending upward, you must deal with unexpected twists and turns in this area of life. You are in a process of articulating and acting upon your most basic truth and watching the universe give it back to you. 


Hi Capricorn! Happy New Year! You have another intense and changeful month ahead of you, Capricorn. In many ways, a continuation of your recent transformations during the last year. The month starts off with a bang for you, with a Solar Eclipse the first weekend of January in the identity sector of your chart. You are energized and committed, more fully ready to take the plunge over the waterfall that leads you to your next stage. Challenges could arise, along with compulsions, but you also have some lovely and quite spiritual energy flowing toward you. You will do just fine if you keep your chin up. As the poet Hopkins wrote, referring to encountering great difficulty as somehow part of the plan, “Why' So my chaff might fly, my grain lies sheer and clear.” While the month continues to unfold, you are summoned to familial issues that need tending, as well as a fresh dose of the recognition of the vast divide between self and other that somehow manages to reframe itself as harmony.


Hi Aquarius! Happy New Year! This month is an intense one for you, Aquarius, as you continue to be very focused on inner over outer investigations and changes. It may also be in the cards for you during this new month and year that this inward exploration leads to outer success of a novel and very different kind. With the Solar Eclipse of January 5th, a massing of planets in the twelfth sector of your chart, corresponding to hidden places within you and unconscious process, to the extent that you can open to it, presages better understanding of yourself in these deeper levels of your being. A spiritually nourishing and nature-oriented worldview is emerging into your awareness. This month features two eclipses, one in Leo and one in Capricorn, plus a long lineup of transits through Capricorn, corresponding to unconscious process and inner work, starting with a Sun/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn on January 1st, followed by a powerful Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on January 5th. This brings you almost forcibly to the hidden depths of your personality which in fact underlies everything that you say and do. Later, a Sun/Pluto conjunction takes place in Capricorn on January 10th, and finally there is a square from Mars in Aries to Saturn in Capricorn on January 21st.


Hi Pisces! Happy New Year! Another amazing month is coming toward you, Pisces, in an exciting and changeful time. The first half brings you to greater awareness of the role that you intend to play in articulating the truth of your beliefs and acting upon them out in the world. The eclipses of January emphasize the presence of your ruler, Neptune, in your first, or identity, sector. As chart ruler, strongly placed Neptune implies that you are growing internally, coming into yourself in a big way, and have a solid confidence in yourself that will take you far. Neptune is also a dreamy, numinous archetype on its own! This is therefore, additionally a time for you of great confusion, illusion, and faith in the unknown and unseen truth behind and beyond the material plane. You have an essentially spiritual thrust to all your planning now, including your career choices. As you proceed to act upon your deepest values, only the path with heart will in fact be truly satisfying to you. 

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