We all have a strong desire to connect and expand our consciousness. Tarot is a wonderful tool with which to access our innermost selves. It speak to us through the universal language of symbols and archetypes. Just as dreams can speak to us, so can these wonderful pictorial cards help us discover and at times remember important issues which need to be addressed. At times they simply encourage us to keep going on our path, reassuring us and giving us hope.

Some tarot journeys take us beyond what we perceive as ourselves, helping us with guidance, symbolic stories or even warnings we may need to pay attention to.

In the right hands, the Tarot becomes a trusted connection to our guides and higher selves, supporting and illuminating us during our life journey.

Maria has been reading tarot cards for over 30 years, helping people find a deeper connection to higher-level spirit guidance. She has worked in various cities around the world, using her natural intuitive gifts. She urges us to explore and discover a life guided by higher wisdom, love and light. 

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