Mark is an intense and energetic person who's incredible love for people has allowed him and afforded him the incredible privilege of coaching hundreds of people from all nationalities, age groups and all walks of life. He's been able to help couples find that spark again and reignite their passion. He's been able to successfully cure lifelong and crippling phobias in a matter of hours. 

From working with individuals suffering through substance abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, or emotional abuse, he always sees the possibility for healing and change. He has also worked with suicidal individuals who are quite literally at the end of their rope and shifted them into people who have such a profound love and appreciation of life. His mission is to help everyone he works with tap into what he calls their "infinite potential". His belief in the "Health Triangle" carried him into the world of holistic and naturopathic medicinal approaches and also inspired him to pursue a degree in nutrition. 

Believing that health isn't just physical in nature, he also took it upon himself to explore it from an energetic perspective, becoming both a reiki healer and a theta frequency healer. This inspired him to explore it from an emotional perspective and he threw himself into the world of more scientific schools of healing such as Ericksonian therapy, Gestalt therapy, traditional psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Mark's life's motto is simple. End suffering. Fortunately his intense love of people and insatiable hunger allows him to do just that. 

He has the ability refocus people and create a safe space where they can reassess who they are and where they can challenge old beliefs that don't serve their higher self. A space where they not only think and feel, but where they know that absolutely anything is possible because everything they need for their lives to be exactly the way they want is inside of them right now. As a human being and as a coach, he always see the best in people. But more importantly, he has the ability to see everyone not for who they are, but for who they have the capacity to be. 

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