Melissa is a Spiritual Advisor.

She has trained with other spiritual teachers she has met along her path to not only heal herself, but heal others as well. As she saw the impact that these spiritual healings had on her own life, she decided to share her abilities with others who were in need of guidance and healing.

She receives assistance in her spiritual work from the Divine Source, Spirit Guides, Angel beings of Light, Spirit Animals, and her Divine (higher) self. 

She is committed to helping other find their opportunities for healing through intuitive readings and spiritual cleansings. As a result of her readings and clearings, she helps others to fill their bodies and lives with light, reduce stress, gain clarity and remove energetic blocks.

Andean Healing Energy Cards:

Andean card reading reveal fertile opportunities for healing. These cards depict a cosmology that inspire us to deepen our connection to mother earth, the sun, the moon, the star, mountain spirits, plants, elements, and all being both seen and unseen. It operates from the notion that we must first see and acknowledge aspects of ourselves by feeling it for healing taking place in the now. Melissa with her intuitive gifts uses only 3 cards to successfully read – the past, the now, the destiny to unfold.

Card Reading: 30 min - $45 | 60 min - $65

Smudging Ceremony:

Smudging create sacred to cleanse a person and in addition their home or apartment. A smudge ceremony utilizes the elements of air, water, earth, and fire in a person’s shamanic ritual. This tradition was taught to Melissa by a shaman/female spiritual teacher. The ceremony includes a healing process based on her readings with the cards.

Smudging Ceremony: 30 min - $85

Additional Services Offered:

Tarot Readings: $45
Angel Card Readings: $45
Emotional Healing/Cutting Cords: $65
Space clearings (for home or business): $185
Animal Clearings: $65

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