Pricing Policy

Please familiarize yourself with our following pricing policies:

Sales Tax Policy:

Sales Tax must be charged on all orders that are sent to a Florida address. All other taxes or fees are the responsibility of the customer, regardless of the location.

Right of Acceptance or Refusal Policy:

Celestial Treasures Network reserves the right of acceptance or refusal of any order for any reason at any time, even if the email order confirmation has been sent. Personal information may be requested prior to the acceptance of any order to verify that our clients are at least 18 years of age.

Price Change Policy:

Celestial Treasures Network reserves the right to change the price of any item on our website without notice at any time, even if an email confirmation for the order has been received.

Typographical Error Policy:

Prices are subject to change without notice. In the event that an order is placed for an item that has an incorrect price shown on the website, Celestial Treasures Network will attempt to notify you of this price change before cancelling the order for the item.

Website Update Policy:

Celestial Treasures Network will make every attempt to provide reliable product information; however, we will not be held responsible or liable for timely updates to this website.

Product Liability Policy:

There is no expressed or implied product liability, even if anyone in association with Celestial Treasures Network says otherwise. By using this website, you, the consumer, agree to hold Celestial Treasures Network, including manufacturers, directors, officers, employees, or anyone associated with the company, harmless for any situation that may arise, including situations such as the inability to use the products for whatever reason. Use of this website also releases and holds the company and associates harmless and released from all losses, damages, injuries, and deaths that may occur from using the products or services.

Warranty Policy:

There is no expressed or implied warranty policy, even if anyone in association with Celestial Treasures Network says otherwise. Everything contained on this site is sold, “as is.” There are no warranties, endorsements, sponsorships or recommendations for any item for sale on this site nor are any guarantees made for results of any product or service.

Back Order Policy:

Celestial Treasures Network does not have a policy to fulfill back orders. We will attempt to notify you of the arrival of the desired product when it becomes available.

Psychic Consultation Policy:

Celestial Treasures Network works with fine psychics that are available to meet with you at the store, or by phone on the days they work. The cost of the consultation varies with each psychic. Celestial Treasures Network does not guarantee the advice or predictions given by the psychics.

Supernatural Policy:

In accordance with any county, state, or federal laws, Celestial Treasures Network makes no claims to the supernatural. You provide the magick!

Legal Policy:

The laws of the State of Florida shall govern the policies of Celestial Treasures Network and any changes to this website.

Indemnification Policy:

Use of this site, together with any purchase of products and or services indicates your agreement that Celestial Treasures Network is automatically held harmless from any claims, expenses, damages, actions, or negligence.

Fraudulent Policy:

Any fraudulent situations that arise, including the use of lost or stolen credit orders, placing fraudulent orders, or submission of fraudulent checks or money orders will be turned over to the proper legal authorities for criminal prosecution to the fullest extent of the law, in addition to the filing of a civil suit to recover monetary damages. In addition, the fraudulent policy will include persecution for any unauthorized tampering with this website for any reason, and using this website for any illegal activity that can result in the loss of business for Celestial Treasures Network.


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