Our mission is to help you find and awaken your Higher Self — so that you can live a more fulfilling, loving, and empowered life.

Celestial Readers

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Marcie, The Facilitator

Marcie studied to be a Holistic Life Coach in 2015 with renowned teacher Alan H. Cohen at The Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching. She is also certified under Denise Linn as "Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reader." While completing her coaching certification, Marcie began to pull a few cards at the end of each session. To her surprise and that of her clients, the cards mirrored the session every single time!

Marcie has created a system that uses the Tarot as a framework to support her clients in elevating to a place of their own highest wisdom. Marcie is a highly intuitive and a heart-centered reader. She will compassionately support you as you create purposeful changes in areas of self love, relationship, emotional health and prosperity. She acts as a gentle guide as you move through obstacles into a new more positive understanding of the situation or issue you are exploring. Her fondest wish is to see her clients grow into the best version of themselves.


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Lillie, The Numerologist

Lillie is a Master Numerologist, Spiritual Coach and Intuitive Advisor with 20+ years of experience. Her passion is helping clients achieve their dreams with fewer delays and less effort.  Using oracle cards and the ancient wisdom of numerology, her advisory services provide you the clarity and understanding you need to move forward in life, relationships, career and business.

 She holds a master’s degree in Accounting and Marketing, specializing in transitions, change and crisis management. Her professional experience in the business & entrepreneurial fields brought her to develop her practice as Intuitive Advisor and Coach. Her method is accurate, reliable and profound helping you understand your life experiences, talents, strengths, challenges, karmic debts, soul lessons, and more.

 Want to make changes in your life, career or business? Feeling stuck or confused? Going through a life-altering transition and need reassurance on the next steps?  Wondering what to do, where to start and how to do it?  Based on your numerology, Lillie interprets the vibrational patterns that map your life and provides the insights into who you are, your soul’s purpose and the physical, spiritual and psychological processes that form your life experience. She then shows you the way to revamp your life and get your ducks in a row. You were meant to live a joyful and balanced life. Find your path towards the prosperity, financial stability and wellness that you deserve.  

 Lillie also provides classes and workshops on Zen Dance Meditations, Numerology, Spiritual Economics, Prosperity & Soul Mates. English & Spanish speaking.

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Lucas, The Healer

Lucas is one of our newest members and readers. He has been studying Reiki and is anxious to put it to good use.  In his own words: “I enjoy providing aura cleansings using Pranich Healing techniques and enjoy channeling guided meditation.” He fell in love with oracle cards, and finds great pleasure in chanelling clear and warm readings. As a Virgo, he is a grounded individual and very in touch with the nature. Have your spirit grounded, follow your heart and the doors of the universe will unravel before your eyes.


Romy, The Astrologer

Romy is our astrologer extraordinaire. She offers mini astrology charts and their interpretation to help guide you in the direction that best suits your sign. This basic reading will give you an insight to your sun sign, moon sign and your rising and what it all means. Stop by and inquire about Romy’s services and get the opportunity to ask her a question with her astrology deck. You’ll learn how to navigate the little bumps by understanding at your chart says about your signs.