Our Mission

"To help you find and awaken your Higher Self so that you can live a more fulfilling, loving, and empowered life."


Celestial Readers

Our readers' approaches vary. For prices and to schedule your next reading, please call our store.

Dee Ros.jpg

Dee, Whimsical Artist

Dulce Ros (call her Dee!) can attune to helpers from beyond the veil in order to relay important information for you. Her mission is to guide you back to your true self through healing, connection and validation. As a Pisces Sun, Pisces Moon and Pisces Rising, she has been extremely sensitive to the spirit world since birth.


Dawn, The Nurturer

Dawn is a spiritual healer and an intuitive coach. She is able to channel the Divine during her readings, allowing the souls who are seeking guidance to receive optimum healing. Dawn utilizes tools such as Oracle cards, crystals and stones, and messages from her own spirit guides to interpret the messages that are meant to be delivered to her clients.


Espy, The Poet

Espy, short for Esperanza, is our aura cleanser and hopeless romantic. She cleanses your aura and pours all of her beatiful energy into her practice. Don't be surprised if you hear a bit of romance in her practice... She is, afterall, a poet. Stop by or give us a call to schedule your aura cleansing. 


Romy, The Astrologer

Romy is our Astrology angel whose specialty is to provide some insight into your life lessons through the placement of the planets during the time you were born. Through this insight, she is able to offer tips for personal growth and spiritual evolution. In her own words “The beauty of astrology is that it can help your soul evolve by giving insights of where you’ve been and guide you through life’s lessons and help you grow.”  She also specializes in compatibility readings for all types of relationships.